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Cursive full print letter shorts

Cursive full print letter shorts

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Summer temperament wear, we sincerely recommend this shorts Advanced sense of full of colour, fresh and clean on the body and simple and versatile Random accessories dark point of the T-shirt can be handsome out of the house! Custom-made high grams of knitted terry cotton carefully made, the fabric is heavy and thick, dense terry cotton lining close to the body is very comfortable, dry and breathable and perspiration, hot summer days to a pair of summer is the most suitable, full of printing at a glance the classic and senior, drawstring at the silver metal cap all custom and engraved logo, the overall simplicity and sense of detail Loose and casual version of the tailoring, on the upper body easy and no pressure to show the summer! Relaxed casual cut, easy to wear without pressure to show the summer casual FEEL!

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